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Karat Communications offers strategy, process, and message development consultation and management for corporate, government, nonprofit, and political clients.

We love nothing more than to help others show up and become the leader their market needs.
Established leaders seeking to extend your reach, bridge divides, manage change, or navigate crisis communications, will find our team of experts to be aligned with your exact needs.
And while our defense is strong, years of experience have only deepened our belief that real magic is basic at heart. That’s why we love nothing more than demonstrating how clearly defined vision, mission, and values statements create the perfect foundation for organizational buy-in, scale, and fan appeal.

Created to help leaders lead, Karat Communications helps organizations break through the clutter to deliver messaging that conveys clarity and strength. When it comes to stickiness, impact, and managing conflict and change, we offer unparalleled personalized services and build capacity along the way.

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Suzanne V. Buchanan
Senior Principal

Corporate - Government - Nonprofit - Global

With over 20 years of progressive experience delivering strategic communications and conflict resolution solutions for clients in the United States and overseas, Suzanne excels in bringing out the potential of others.
After working in the advertising sector as a copywriter for corporate telecom, national retailers, and financial sector clients, Suzanne realized her desire was to not only help organizations reach their target market but bridge critical divides.

From that point on her expertise expanded beyond marketing and corporate communications management to include multicultural communications, crisis prevention and response, facilitation, mediation, and confidential consultation for political and corporate leaders. Serving national nonprofit, multi-national corporations, international non-governmental organizations, local, state, and federal governments clients alike, has provided Suzanne the leadership skills to adeptly navigate sensitive terrain. Passionate about stakeholder engagement and meaningful connections, her team has worked with clients projects in the U.S., Middle East, South Asia, South America, and beyond.

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